The shower hose does not fit on the mixer?

Much is standardized in the sanitary sector, which is also extremely useful in view of the many manufacturers. However, as with many rules, there are exceptions. This also applies to shower hoses and fitting connection threads. In rare cases, incompatibilities can be encountered here.

If the shower hose does not fit on the mixer

Normally, connecting a shower hose to a [bathroom fitting-assemble] shower or bath fitting [/ link] is very easy. Because the countless different models that can be found in hardware stores or in residual stocks on the storage tank usually fit the connection thread provided on the fitting. This is guaranteed by a corresponding standardization.

The standardization of the fitting connection thread and shower hoses is ½ inch in the vast majority of cases. And since threads are manufactured with high precision, there are no problems when screwing an X-arbitrary shower hose to an X-arbitrary fitting normally no problems. In rare cases, the fitting thread also has a wide range of ¾ inches. In this case you need either:

  • a shower hose with ¾ inch thread or
  • A reducer for shower hoses

To buy a new shower hose with ¾ inch threads, can be worthwhile if the wrong thing is already at the end of his service, so it will not make much long.

But if you want to use your old hose, you can get a reducer for shower hoses. This is also hardly important in weight. Such shower hose reducers have a ½ inch and a ¾ inch thread side and can compensate for incompatibility. As a commodity for the sanitary area, they are made of high quality chrome-plated brass and are corrosion-proof.

Inappropriate length?

Especially with deep-seated bathtub fittings, average shower hoses may not be suitable due to their length. Commercially available lengths for shower hoses are

  • 1.25 m for bath fittings and
  • 1.60 m for shower fittings.

The shower hoses for bath fittings are shorter as standard so that there is not so much hose in the way in the low bathtub. For its part, the 1.60 m length of shower hoses has proven to be ideal for showering while standing when the tap-high fitting is installed.

If you use the bathtub to shower while standing, you need a longer hose because of the deep fitting. 2.00 m shower hoses have proven their worth here.