The bungalow as a prefabricated house: Which prices are usual?

A bungalow looks chic and spacious, it also offers very good provisions for old age: living at ground level is ideal for seniors. What are the prices for single-storey prefabricated houses?

Consider all costs for the prefabricated bungalow!

A bungalow offers many design options, from a rectangular flat-roof building to a U- or L-shaped building with a gently sloping hipped roof. The quality of living is high because all rooms are easily accessible on the ground floor.

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The walls of a bungalow have to bear much less weight compared to a multi-story building. A simplified statics means lower costs. The chimney is also particularly cheap, it only runs through one floor.

Bungalows do not have a stairwell, which also pushes the price down. However, if a basement is planned, you have to plan additional costs: The prices for standard prefabricated houses are calculated from the top edge of the floor slab.

Above all, consider that you need a larger plot of land for your bungalow than for a multi-storey house with the same living space: After all, there should also be space left for the garden. This fact puts the low costs of building a bungalow into perspective.

These factors determine the bungalow prices

  • number of rooms
  • Square meter living space
  • Floor plan of the building
  • Prefabricated house or prefabricated house
  • Strength of thermal insulation
  • Type of roof construction
  • Floor plate or cellar
  • Any roof greening
  • Exclusivity of the equipment

The prices for turnkey bungalows from the upper edge of the floor board start with surprisingly low 70.000 EUR, but most builders are not satisfied with the pure savings version without extras.

The bungalow prefabricated house for average claims costs turnkey about 120.000 to 180.000 EUR, but it is also much more expensive. 200.000 EUR and more costs the luxury variant.

Calculate for an 80 sqm bottom plate approximately with additional 10.000 EUR, a cellar falls with about 20.000 to 50.000 EUR in weight.

A cost example for orientation

A client has a prefabricated U-shaped bungalow built with an area of 120 square meters. The building stands on a floor slab and has a flat gable roof.

Cost overview price
1. Dredging 3.600 EUR
2. 120 sqm floor slab 15th.000 EUR
3. Prefabricated bungalow 220.000 EUR
total 238.600 EUR

Big price advantage on the bungalow

The technically skilled owner of a bungalow can save a lot of money on repair work on the building: He can reach the roof without time-consuming scaffolding - and can therefore see and control all areas. Do-it-yourself is much cheaper than constantly hiring a craftsman.

Tips & Tricks Remember that a bungalow has larger outdoor areas compared to a multi-storey house. That is why the building cools down faster without effective thermal insulation. Take precautions!