The steam cleaner for radiators

Steam cleaners can be used on different surfaces. The steam cleaner is also suitable for radiators. How well you can get a radiator clean with the steam cleaner, however, depends on a few important factors.

The efficiency of the steam cleaner in heating

Admittedly, cleaning the heater is annoying for many people. The radiator is difficult to reach between the heating lamellas, as it is difficult or impossible to reach, depending on the model. But there are also areas on the heater where the steam cleaner can help. How well you can clean a radiator with a steam cleaner depends on various aspects:

  • Steam cleaner size and efficiency
  • "Closed " areas of the radiator
  • behind the heater
  • in easily accessible places
  • between the individual pipe bodies

The areas between the heating pipes or. Heating coils

The most difficult part is cleaning the enclosed areas of a radiator. Many radiators are covered at the top and bottom, the front consists of one part. You can use the steam cleaner to blow into the gaps from above. But first lay out old rags, aluminum foil or old newspapers, because a lot of dust and dirt will also be swirled out downwards.

Not all dirt can be easily removed here

However, when using a steam cleaner, steaming under high pressure and with hot steam is only part of the operating principle of a steam cleaner. The steam cools down very quickly and removes stubborn dirt for good.

Now the dirt is loosened, loose dirt is actually expelled from below. But stubborn dirt such as nicotine stains can only be removed to a limited extent. In addition, an important step is missing when cleaning with the steam cleaner: the mechanical wiping off of dirt.

Additional aid to the steam cleaner, if difficult to reach

We therefore recommend that you obtain a thin rope for these areas that are largely closed behind the radiator housing. Now wrap this rope with a cloth. The strength of this construct should be such that you can pull the rope with the wrapped rag up and down between the individual heating pipes with a little effort. Of course, you only clean with the rope between the heating pipes when you have already loosened the dirt with the steam cleaner.

Otherwise just note that radiator paint can flake off

The easily accessible areas of the radiator can only be cleaned with the steam cleaner and the cleaning cloth attached. Otherwise there are no other points to consider. With some radiators, however, the heating varnish may come off over time, especially after multiple treatments with the steam cleaner.

Tips & Tricks As already mentioned at the beginning, there are areas in which a steam cleaner does not hold up, what the advertising promises above all. The use of the steam cleaner against mites is just as questionable as the disinfection with the steam cleaner.

In addition, there are often wrong tips - even in the instructions for use of cheap steam cleaners. You can read in detail here why you should use distilled water for the steam cleaner instead of tap water.