The freezer is broken - what with the old appliance??

A defective freezer no longer functions and takes up unnecessary space. Thanks to its size and weight, it is difficult to transport. When buying a new freezer, many suppliers will dispose of the old device free of charge.

Let repair

Malfunctions in the freezer can often be repaired by customer service. This is free of charge in the event of a guarantee. A paid repair after the warranty period has expired is worthwhile if the device is not yet too old. Before commissioning the repair, ask for a cost estimate. This allows you to calculate whether a new purchase makes more sense than a repair.

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Reasons for repairs

  • Power supply failure
  • Compressor failed
  • Defective thermostat
  • Leaking coolant circuit
  • Temperature sensor disturbed

Dispose of it yourself

If you want to get rid of the defective device as soon as possible, a call to the regional recycling center or other collecting society will help. There you can find out when and where the freezer will be accepted and whether a fee will be charged for it. Proper disposal is also disposal that is as environmentally friendly as possible. The official collection points of cities and municipalities assure disposal according to legally prescribed standards. For example, old refrigerators that still contain harmful CFC are disposed of exclusively in closed facilities from which the CFC cannot escape.

Freezer and bulky waste

Electronic devices do not count as bulky waste. Even the disused freezer must therefore not be placed on the street with the usual bulky waste. Many municipalities advertise separate appointments for the collection of large household appliances. When you register your device there, you will receive a sticker from some administrations with which you have to mark the device to be picked up. It already declares the device as the property of the management company and is intended to deter electronic waste collectors. It happens again and again that electrical devices are taken away, usable parts are removed and the rest is thrown away in the countryside. This should be counteracted.

Tips & Tricks After the old freezer has quit its service, you need a replacement immediately. On site and in online retail, suppliers offer the exchange of old for new. You bring the new device to your home and take the defective freezer with you.