The freezer beeps - that's it

The beeping on the freezer is always an indication of a malfunction that must be rectified. Device malfunctions can have many causes. Anyone who knows the operating instructions for the freezer will usually find the trigger for the alarm tone quickly.

Food at room temperature

After doing a bulk purchase or preparing food to be frozen, you have filled the freezer to the brim. It may beep here while you are putting the groceries away. The warning tone sounds if the door is open too long. If you load the freezer with food that has not yet frozen, the temperature in the refrigerator rises. The device reports an error because it cannot cool the temperature down to the preset freezing temperature quickly enough. Therefore, set the temperature setting a little warmer before loading. Set the freezer temperature back to normal two hours after loading. In this way you do not endanger the frozen food and at the same time avoid the device alarm.

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Important functions of the freezer

  • Rapid freeze function for rapid freezing
  • Anti-frost function to prevent ice formation in the device
  • Alarm function in the event of technical faults
  • Note on energy efficiency class for calculating power consumption

Defect on the control board or temperature sensor

A defective control board causes malfunctions in the temperature control. The data from the freezer is no longer read correctly and error codes are reported. Faults in the temperature sensor are also shown in error codes and are reported with a beep. Such technical malfunctions are still covered by the guarantee depending on the date of purchase. The defective parts must be replaced.

Ice formation and warning sound

If you check your freezer after the beep and discover excessive ice build-up, there may be a problem with the refrigeration circuit. The circuit can be blocked. The refrigerant can no longer circulate and large amounts of ice form on the inside walls of the freezer.

Tips & Tricks You will find all the important information for safe and trouble-free use in the operating instructions for your cooling device. Compliance with these instructions also ensures that the freezer is operated in the most energy-saving and environmentally friendly way possible. This saves you energy costs and repairs.