The synthetic floor for the terrace

Your terrace needs a decorative flooring and you are not yet sure which material it should be? In addition to wood, tiles and stone, plastic has now established itself as an interesting alternative that is certainly worth a closer look. We have various options up our sleeve that are sure to interest you.

These synthetic surfaces are suitable for the terrace

  • Plastic tiles are usually not particularly expensive and they are also easy to install for DIY enthusiasts. Most of them have a simple click system and are available in many different decors. The purchase could be worthwhile.
  • WPC, in long form: Wood Plastic Composite, is a rising star in the flooring sky. The material consists of wood fibers and plastic, is extremely easy to care for and waterproof. The variety of decors, however, is limited, WPC always somehow looks like wood.
  • Liquid plastic is a paintable compound with which you can cover the substrate quickly. The material has long since ceased to be used only for a thorough seal; there are now a large number of decorative products. Just take a look!
  • PVC and vinyl floors are not really made for outdoor use, they are mainly suitable for rain and weather protected terraces. Make sure that it has a high level of UV resistance and that you do not leave any marks on it with heavy furniture.
  • Artificial turf brings the perfect garden feeling to your terrace! Such products are not particularly expensive and they are also easy to lay. Watering, weeding and scarifying do not have to be, of course, these coverings are pleasantly easy to care for.

Don't forget: ensure reliable drainage!

Regardless of which synthetic flooring finds its way into your terrace: Make sure that rainwater does not accumulate on the surface! Plan a reliable drainage system in advance that will divert the rain.

Most of the time, the water is directed towards the garden via a slight incline on the terrace. You may want to create small drainage ditches with grids - or several drainage points where the water is directed.

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