The scrap price for lead fluctuates like a stock market price

Since lead can be reused almost indefinitely, there is a broad scrap metal market. The scrap price for the heavy metal does not fluctuate as much as the lead price for freshly extracted metal, but it is influenced by it. If you have the choice, you can earn a higher profit by waiting for the right time to sell.

What is the weight of typical lead scrap

Anyone who has to dispose of lead should find out about the scrap purchase prices for quantities of around ten kilograms or more. The high density of lead allows this weight to come together quickly. When renovating the water pipes in an old building, the weight of lead pipes per meter is between 1.5 and three kilograms.

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In old telegraph cables, the one to seven copper wires were sheathed with lead. As an example, the weights of such a lead made of lead in different strengths follow:

Number of cores Lead sheath thickness in mm Weight in kg / m
1 0.8 0.55
2 1.0 1.20
3 1.0 1.20
4th 1.0 1.40
5 1.0 1.60
6th 1.1 1.90
7th 1.1 1.95

Lead in car and household batteries

In addition to types of scrap in which the lead is already in its pure form or, as in the case of cables, is relatively easy to insulate, there are many uses within technically coherent units. The largest amount of lead scrap is generated in car batteries. Since 2009, the legislator has stipulated that a deposit of 7.50 euros (as of February 2016) must be collected when a new battery is sold, which is paid back or offset when it is returned.

The remuneration paid by scrap dealers who buy old batteries because of the lead is in a similar price range. However, not all scrap dealers accept this form of scrap metal. The current lead price or kilo price does not matter here, since the recyclable recovery of the lead is the decisive cost factor. The same applies to household batteries, which, however, are not of interest to scrap dealers due to the relatively small amounts of lead.

Price range and exchange rate fluctuations

In many relevant Internet portals of the scrap trade, the base price is given as 600 euros for a ton of lead scrap, which corresponds to a kilo price of sixty euro cents. This rough price indication can only be understood as a guideline and is decisively influenced by both the current quotation of the lead price on the commodity exchanges and the type of scrap.

For example, the price per kilo for lead on the LME commodities exchange in London ranged between 1.86 and 1.50 euros per kg in 2015. The scrap price for pure clean lead can be up to a fifty percent. The best purchase offers in 2015 were at the corresponding times at ninety Eurocent per kilogram.

Tips & Tricks Pay attention to the safe storage for lead scrap and prevent children or pets allowed to touch old lead. Do not touch the scrap directly and avoid touching contaminated protective agents such as working gloves from the outside.