The heater in the dishwasher is defective

If the heater in the dishwasher is defective, repair is only worthwhile in a few cases. The heating is basically replaceable, but in most cases only a customer service or specialist can properly carry it out.

Heating coil or electronic control

Anyone who has found that the dishwasher is no longer heating should first try to identify the cause. If the heater has already produced stinking smells, it can be assumed that the heating coil itself is defective.

Another cause of non-heating can be a fault in the electronic control. The heating itself may be technically in order, but the impulses and circuit specifications are no longer implemented correctly. The presumed cause can be narrowed down by an electrical resistance measurement by a specialist.

Repairs to a defective heater or replacement should not exceed a third of the dishwasher's current market value.