The freezer does not freeze enough - that's why

You must be able to rely on the constant frost condition in the freezer at all times. If the appliance does not cool down sufficiently, the quality of the frozen food is at risk. In order for the food to last, the cause must be found quickly.

Porous seals and worn hinges

The most common causes of poor freezer cooling performance include porous or damaged door seals. The heated room air enters the freezer. The freezing condensation quickly creates ice crystals on the walls. As the ice layer increases, the cooling performance deteriorates further. After changing the door seal, defrost the freezer. If there are no other defects, it will then function properly again.

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Reasons for poor freezing performance

  • Heavy icing
  • Defrost timer malfunction
  • Unnoticed power failure
  • Defects in hinges and seals

You can test the functionality of the hinge with a sheet of paper. To do this, clamp the paper in the door. If the leaf can be easily pulled out, the hinges are so worn out that they need to be replaced.

Check power supply

Check the fuses in the house and also the power supply to the device. If there was a longer power outage, the temperature in the freezer has dropped and the defrosting process has already started. A power cable with a loose connection or a damaged power plug can interrupt the power supply again and again and should be repaired immediately for safety reasons.

Check the set cooling temperature

The inspection of the freezer did not reveal any technical defects, but the preset cooling temperature does not seem to be correct. In this case, place a thermometer in the device and measure the temperature there. If you suspect temperature fluctuations, take the measurement at regular intervals.

Tips & Tricks The cooling coil is on the back of the freezer. The coolant flows through them. The cooling coil should have a uniform temperature in all areas. If she is hot or colder in some places, this is a note for a technical disorder.