Build your own drawers in the workbench

Drawers are a perfect addition to the workbench for tools and lots of small parts such as nails, screws and other accessories. If you build it yourself, you can integrate many drawers in the substructure or just a few under the worktop. It is important to have a move-out lock so that the sorted content is not endangered.

Number and scope

Similar to half-height pieces of furniture of all kinds, drawers can be constructed and distributed according to needs and tastes. The structure can be carried out in the following variants:

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Number of position function
1 Under countertop general filing
2 Under countertop general filing
3-6 Half-sided in substructure Specific retention
6-12 Complete substructure Specific retention

Size and function

Drawers can be assembled in a workbench made of wood or metal. Metal takes up less space and allows more storage space with the same external dimensions. Metal shutters can also be easily integrated into wooden substructures.

The width of a workbench usually fluctuates around two meters. We recommend sixty to eighty centimeters as the width of the drawer. Stable floor mounting is important so that the storage compartments can easily carry heavy metal work equipment or devices.

Sliding mechanism and pull-out lock

Drawers are embedded in running rails on both sides. Simple scroll bars can be used, but they have to be worked very smoothly. Rail guides, in which rollers attached to the drawer guarantee mobility, are smoother.

A pull-out lock, which works by means of a blocking brake block at the end of the rail guide, is essential. During the construction, the depth of the extension must be weighed against the usability. Two thirds of the pull-out depth is sufficient to accommodate almost all devices and accessories.

Note weight gain

Apart from the dead weight of the drawer construction, the weight of the contents should also be taken into account when planning the substructure. Screws, nails and machines can easily weigh several hundred kilograms extra. With a mobile workbench on castors in particular, it is practical and difficult to have all the necessary aids with you.

Tips & Tricks You can find prefabricated drawer blocks in all designs and sizes in furniture stores. As a finished component, they can be easily installed in one piece in your substructure.