The best alternatives to the wardrobe

Your bedroom is too small for a wardrobe or it doesn't fit due to sloping ceilings? No panic! There are nice alternatives to a wardrobe. We have summarized a few creative alternatives for you here.

Shelves, clothes rails and more

The most elegant solution is to build a cupboard yourself, so to speak, directly on the wall. To do this, depending on the space available, you can attach shelves and pull one or more clothes rails. A couple of coat hooks are also useful for hanging bags, chains, jackets or other accessories. Maybe even a small chest of drawers fits in a corner to store stockings, underwear and accessories. Alternatively, you can hang your clothes on a mobile clothes rail with rollers underneath. You can slide these against the wall and, if necessary, drag them further into the room to get a better overview. If you do not want to examine your clothes from your bed, you can delimit the area in different ways:

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  • The simplest and cheapest option is to attach a curtain rod or rail and cover the area with a curtain.
  • The nicer, more professional alternative is to build a door on slide rails or even a proper door if space allows.
  • A folding door can also be an option. It takes up less space, is easy to assemble and is significantly cheaper than a "real" door.
  • Alternatively, you can put up a paper wall and leave an area open on the side as the entrance to your improvised walk-in closet.

Once across the room

If you like to keep your clothes on hangers, you can simply hang all your clothes on a clothes rail that you attach along the longest wall of the room. Add a small chest of drawers or a few shelves with baskets and you have all your clothes stowed away. With this method, your clothes hang fairly openly in the bedroom. Therefore, you should pay attention to a neat arrangement. Alternatively, you can also attach a curtain in a nice color over the entire length. This is practically how you create an improvised wall.

Under the bed

If you are looking for an elegant solution that takes up as little space as possible, you can buy a bed with the underside of the bed doubling as a cupboard. Shelves and drawers can be pulled out for quick access to your clothes. It is best to inquire about such a bed in your furniture store.
If you don't want to buy a new bed, but still have space under your bed, you can also make do with roll boxes: These are special plastic boxes that, thanks to their castors, can be easily pulled out from under the bed. These boxes are available in different sizes. So measure your bed exactly before you go shopping. Also consider the feet and any supports in the middle of the bed.

Tips & Tricks If you have little space in your bedroom to store laundry, try to stow as much as possible outside of the room: towels and swimwear can be in the bathroom, the dirty laundry basket can be next to the washing machine and accessories, belts, hats, scarves, towels and gloves can be stored in the hallway.