The best types of wood for firing a fireplace

Firewood in good quality is very important when operating a stove. There are several varieties of firewood, which are available to you. Ultimately, the choice of the variety depends on the requirements of the heat source.

The wood types available to them for heating the fireplace

There is a whole range of different types of wood that can be burned. Most, however, the following types of wood that are used:

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  • maple
  • birch
  • beech
  • Oak
  • Ash
  • Spruce
  • jaw
  • Other types of wood from deciduous trees

But keep in mind that it is not just the type of wood that plays a major role. Their nature is also important. For example, you should burn wood that has been split into small pieces and that does not contain too much moisture. A value of around 20 percent residual moisture should not be exceeded. In most cases, hardwood is preferred because the wood of conifers has a lower mass density.

Some of the types of wood and their properties

The different types of wood all have different properties. For example, beech wood is one of the most frequently used types of wood for the stove. The ashes glow very intense and long lasting. This gives you heat for a long time. In addition, the wood burns without spark flight and loud cracking noise. However, the woods must be stored relatively long. The wood of the oak can also be used very well. Through its high density, however, it burns quite slowly. Besides, it can smell unpleasant when burning. Maple can also be banished. It has similar firing properties as for example asholz, which in turn generates a very nice flame picture. Birch wood is used in all things on the open fireplace in, as there are hardly any sparks in combustion and the flames also produce a very nice picture. It generates very fast heat, but the combustion process is also quite fast.

Other types of wood with your firing properties

Pine wood and spruce wood are also popular wood types. The spruce wood is good for burning, pine wood supplies a rather mediocre calipar, but is available relatively cheap. In addition, it quickly reaches the desired dryness and generates a completely typical pine wood aroma, which is appreciated by many people.