The roof coating - costs at a glance

The roof coating protects the house roof from the weather and often delays the need to re-roof by many years. This measure also causes a positive change in appearance. What does the professional coating of the roof cost??

What does roof coating include??

Roof coating is usually linked to other measures, some of which are added automatically - some services also have to be ordered separately. Thorough roof cleaning is definitely part of this service; this is the only way for the coating material to really adhere.

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In the course of the cleaning work, there is an intensive visual inspection of all externally visible roof elements. The specialist recognizes existing defects and discusses the next steps with the homeowner.

Some repair work is urgently required before the roof is coated, some of the suggested measures are optional. The costs for the roof coating can increase with these additional services: an often worthwhile investment to avoid expensive consequential damage.

In some cases, a simple roof coating is not enough: your roof may need a primer or multiple coats. You should clarify this with your selected specialist company as early as possible.

Roof coating: specific costs at a glance

For a professional, simple roof coating, average costs between 15 and 18 EUR per square meter of roof area, excluding VAT. This includes roof cleaning and visual inspection. The primer costs another 5 EUR per square meter.

The actual price for the coating work depends mainly on how dirty the roof is and how it is. A serious offer is only possible after an on-site inspection.

For this on-site appointment we have put together a list for you that contains all items that can be decisive for the final price. Find out which of the following measures are included - and what you have to pay extra.

  • Arrival and Departure
  • Visual inspection of the roof
  • Mix the color of your choice
  • Mask off adjacent surfaces
  • Roof cleaning
  • Clean the gutter
  • Replace defective roof tiles
  • Mending and repair work
  • Coating of sheet metal parts
  • Coat hard-to-reach areas by hand

Project example: Roof coating costs for 170 square meters

A specialist company charges 20 euros per square meter, including VAT, for coating a 170 square meter roof. A primer is not necessary, but there is some repair work to be done.

Cost overview price
3 x journeys 120 EUR
Repair work 450 EUR
Roof coating 3.400 EUR
total 3.970 EUR incl. value added tax

Deduct roof coating costs from wage tax

Have an invoice drawn up in which wages and material costs are shown separately. In this way, you can state the craftsman's costs as part of your annual income tax adjustment as a household-related service.

Tips & Tricks Look for a reputable company with a good reputation! Low-cost providers can do a lot of damage.