The roof shading

The roof shading is an element of the roof. The reasons for the decision in favor of a roof formwork can have different causes. Likewise, the roof shades can be performed differently, which concerns the installation technique and the material. Below you will receive extensive information about roof formwork.

The traditional roof formwork

The roof formwork is a traditional element of the roof. However, it is mandatory only required for certain roof-skin covers. These include, among other things, the following roofing materials.

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  • Bitumen shingles
  • Wooden shingles
  • slate
  • Tin roofs
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The modern roof boarding

In addition, roof formwork can also be found on conventionally covered roofs. Roof cladding is often used for warm roofs in particular - and warm roofs have been the standard for roof construction for a few years.

Why the roof boarding was "rediscovered "

In the past, it also had an influence that the longevity of wooden formwork could not really be guaranteed - supposedly. Chemical treatments were then necessary for this. Today, however, it has long since been abandoned. After all, wooden houses several hundred years old are proof enough that it can be done without chemicals.

Changes in building regulations

This is also helped by the fact that the structural regulations have changed positively. While chemical treatment was a mandatory requirement until recently, the corresponding requirements have now been relaxed. If different factors can be ensured, the roof boarding can also be carried out without chemical treatment.

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Modern building materials for roof boarding

In addition, there are new types of products, or at least products that have only recently been used in German-speaking countries, such as MDF (medium-density fibreboard), OSB (coarse chipboard) or soft fibreboard, which can also be used as roof cladding.

Properties of new products

These products are particularly characterized by different diffusion properties. Depending on the panels used, you will also achieve sufficient step resistance and thus a safe roof that can be walked on. In the case of classic wooden formwork, there are also diffusion-open foils and vapor barriers that you can use.

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The rapid development polarizes

Now this development has only taken place so rapidly in the last few years. That is why there is still a lively discussion among some craftsmen about whether roof cladding is really necessary. Some of the "old hands" are of the opinion that formwork made of wood would be the last thing they would use.

Wood as roof cladding speaks for itself

But this is not just about the hundreds of years old wooden houses and roof cladding. Also in other regions of the world, some of which have a similar or even more violent (wetter) climate than we do, roof cladding is used as a modern element in roof construction. One of these countries is the USA.

Numerous advantages with the roof boarding

The advantages of a warm roof design definitely speak for themselves. In addition to even better thermal insulation (summer and winter insulation), you receive first-class acoustic insulation protection. Probably the most important difference between the materials mentioned here, including a "real " wooden roof cladding, is the different, sometimes far-reaching prices.

Tips & Tricks With roof boarding, you can differentiate between economy and closed boarding. The latter roof boarding works without joints. This also protects the inside of the house against wind suction and pressure. This is an advantage that should not be underestimated, especially in the case of an attic extension, which you will appreciate if you already have experience with non-boarded roofs with attic apartments.

Usually the roof boarding is not a later visible boarding. Therefore the appearance and the optics are only of secondary importance. The wood for this roof boarding, which is not visible later, is known as the pound.

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