The definition of gelcoat

Gelcoat is a gelling hard lacquer that is applied to fiber-reinforced plastic as a protective layer. The thickened polyester resin is primarily known from ship, yacht and mobile home construction. It forms a protective skin against water and pressure loads and ideally bonds with the painted surface.

King of hard lacquers

The gelcoat is a hard lacquer that reacts in a special way due to its chemical composition. Its composition and interaction with other materials result in a resistant coating.

The curing of polyester resin can be influenced by the composition and adapted to the desired application. There is a soft gelcoat, which can be flexibly adjusted, and very stable hardening variants that are created by adding additives.

Basically, gelcoat is highly reactive, which is due to the small-scale chemical structure. The dose of an admixture of hardener reduces the reactive property by crosslinking individual molecules to form groups. GelCoat is individually adaptable to the "adjustable ".