Have the facade of the house painted: What are the costs?

A painted house facade is exposed to so many harmful influences that it inevitably no longer looks beautiful at some point: The color turns gray from the car exhaust fumes, the severe weather leads to flaking and cracks. It's time to paint the facade!

How does the cost put together?

As is always the case with complex craft projects, the costs of painting a facade are not to be assessed as a lump sum, but are based on several factors.

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  • How tall is your house? You usually don't need scaffolding for a bungalow, but a multi-storey building requires extensive scaffolding. The scaffolding rental costs just as much as the working time for assembly and dismantling.
  • How many square meters are to be painted? The total area to be painted is of course a decisive factor in calculating the cost of painting the facade.
  • How many coats are needed? Sometimes a facade is so gray that a single coat is not enough. However, double work means double costs! A primer is often necessary as well.
  • Extensive preparatory work is necessary? Simply painting the facade is often not enough. If the old paint is peeling and the plaster is already showing holes, the painter must first touch up the surface so that the new paint will hold.
  • Would you like a simple coat of paint - or a complete facade design? Anyone who simply wants to cut his façade to swipe uniforms that expect low costs as someone who ordered color deductions, for example, to certain components.
  • Is your home listed? In this case, the swipe of the façade must be done in consultation with the responsible monument office. Maybe historical materials must be used, which increases the costs.
  • Are to secure traffic routes? If your house is directly to a publicly accessible area, you must secure this section. Such barriers cost usually charges - even the scaffolding can not be put on the sidewalk without registration and fee payment!
  • Where do you live? The regional price differences for craft work are relatively large, especially in some big cities, homeowners weklatant more numbers. In a rural area you can count on less hourwide.

There is little leeway for the homeowner to influence the cost of painting the facade, most of the price factors are fairly fixed.

Painting the facade: a cost estimate

Since very few houses consist of only one floor, we carry out a cost estimate for an average, two-story single-family house here. The facade is 120 square meters including the windows.

The windows are usually included in the price per square meter. They are not painted over, but you have to cover them thoroughly before starting work: that too takes time.

  • For the erection and dismantling of the scaffolding, calculate with around 500 to 800 EUR.
  • The scaffolding rental costs around EUR 200 to 300 for a week.
  • Covering the areas under the scaffolding will cost you approx. 50 EUR.
  • The price for preliminary work on a slightly weathered facade is around 400 EUR, including material.
  • Priming the facade costs around EUR 5 per square meter.
  • The painter will charge around EUR 60 to 100 for mixing the color of your choice.
  • A simple coat of paint causes labor costs of 10 to 15 EUR per square meter, including the paint.
  • If part of the scaffolding is on the sidewalk, you pay approx. 100 EUR fees.

You can use these items to roughly estimate your costs, but of course there are always price outliers up and down. For color contrasts on windows and doors, you can add around 300 to 500 EUR, for example.

If the painter has his own scaffolding, there are usually no rental costs, only the assembly and dismantling will be charged. If you paint your facade yourself, you pay rent if you can't borrow the scaffolding from friends for free.

List of costs for hand painting

Cost overview price
Scaffolding rental 1 week 250 EUR
Filler (€ 4.25 at Amazon *), acrylic 80 EUR
primer 120 EUR
Paint the facade paint once 400 EUR
Sidewalk barrier fees 100 EUR
total 950 EUR

Save costs by doing your own work

Especially when painting facades, as you can see from the above figures, you can save considerable costs by doing your own work. The actual painting is quite easy for most homeowners, but be aware:

A layperson should not repair certain structural damage himself, for example damp spots in the masonry and deep cracks in the facade, but should always seek the advice of a specialist. This is about the preservation of the building fabric!

Tips & Tricks If you don't paint the facade yourself, then the wages are a significant cost factor. Get several offers from painting companies, but not only pay attention to the cheapest possible price, but also to the good reputation of the company!