The fine way of birding: rules of conduct for coitus

Instructions for perfect cohabitation? Exactly! There are. Although you can take it with a sense of humor. About the fine way of fucking and what you should take to heart during sex.

No more embarrassing bed hopping. Because there is the (not always serious) sex guide "The fine way of birds ". He is supposed to teach us how to have cohabitation elegantly and without a breakdown. It was written by author and sex columnist Birgit Querengäßer (Playboy, Maxim).

She says: No matter how much talent and experience you have: Every sexual act also carries the risk of gigantic embarrassment. We took a look at the book and tell you here the most important information from the author, how you can manage to keep the joy of birding despite these adversities.
In order to have fun in bed, according to the author, you have to master the basics of intimate encounters: sensible choice of partner, correct behavior in problematic situations and stylish methods of discarding inadequate sexual partners. And know the basic rule number 1: Bad in bed is always the other person.

In addition to earth-shattering questions like "Can I answer the phone while I'm in traffic."?", it's also about rules of behavior in bed (" You shouldn't have intercourse in the dark ") and compliments for sexual partners (" Is that all real??").

Here are a few earth-shattering notes for the perfect cohabitation:

Should you talk to your partner about sexuality?

Talking about intercourse is uncomfortable for most people - especially with the person with whom it is practiced. A critical debriefing of the events, an open assessment, suggestions for improvement (i.e. everything that is completely normal as a passenger) seems frowned upon as a sexual partner.

Many people give the following explanation for this on the record: If you talk about the sexual act, its magic is lost. We ask ourselves: what magic? For example the magic of the spectacularly failing attempts to give the partner an orgasm?
Experts strongly advise communication, but only formulated positively. A sentence like: "Man, please do that again, that would have a fairly pleasing effect " is therefore better than "today, maybe it will be something today?!".

It starts - and he leaves you completely cold. What now?

In the scarred light of the pub, the outlines of your conquest worked like the scissor section of the D & G model. But with each garment that falls, unfortunately, it reveals that your counterpart does not bring you in admittance. Against all political correctness, you will be clear that sex with this person would unfortunately be a warm lusty number. Every crossword puzzle would be exciting.
Remember: if someone addresses you erotically or not, you should decide without notice within the first three seconds of getting to know each other. If the result is negative, you say: "I'll get something to drink " and go hide. This corresponds to Central European handling forms. In no case are you accused of being uninspired during intimate activities. That would be more than impolite.

In which situations it is advisable to stop cohabiting?

An unforgivable faux pas can lead to the immediate termination of sexual interaction. But it is not always clear whether the boycott is compatible with etiquette. The following situations are justified:

  • There's no telling that your partner will climax in the next half hour. Let him know that you have more exciting things to do.
  • Your partner moans someone else's name during intercourse. Maybe he can take the rubbish down with him if he leaves.
  • Your partner gives you orders. A presumption. Nobody can force you to sit back and just enjoy!
  • Your partner keeps the socks on. And not only that: also shoes, pants, sweaters, jackets. When asked, he said that he didn't want to have sex at all, but wanted to go for a walk. This goes too far!

How do you deal with condom refusers?

A condom should and can prevent dangers: the risk of infection with sexually transmitted diseases and in some cases also the risk of reproduction. Many men consider these risks to be calculable, of course without actually doing the calculation.
Women, for the most part, are more responsible. Not least because they are the ones who have the offspring. In order to point out this not entirely unimportant fact, try the following tactics:

  • When talking dirty, drop the words "paternity test " and "alimony ".
  • Ask him what this uncomfortable burning and itching could mean.
  • Tell him about your semen allergy, which is causing your vagina to cramp immediately.

Away with the uncertainty! 4 signs you are good in bed:

  • You get complaints about disturbance at night from neighbors who live in a different zip code area.
  • When you have a choice between masturbation and intercourse, you choose masturbation.
  • There is a fetish that describes the sexual orientation towards you.
  • Your partner secretly sticks your photo over the faces of the women in "Playboy ".

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