The function of the dishwasher at a glance

The function of a dishwasher is made up of several factors that ensure the cleaning effect of the items to be washed. The interaction of chemical substances and mechanical forces ensures hygienic cleanliness and optically brilliant purity.

Sinner Circle

Generally, as effective factors, the rinsing time, the temperature of the rinsing water, the mechanical force and the chemical detergent additives are applied. The interaction is called Sinnerscher Kreis.

The detergent generates a lye with a high pH by its chemical ingredients. This can, in some cases of additional fat-solving surfactants, almost any pollution "break off " and replace from a surface without residue.

In conjunction with strong water pressure, which the pump and heavily narrowed spray nozzles generate, physical "violence " is exercised on the dirt residues. Several repetitions of this process increase the effectiveness. Finally, the dishwasher sprays a water mixture that is enriched with rinse aid and dries the washing material.