Paint the gas line - permitted or not?

If possible, you should not tamper with gas pipes. There is only a need for action if the gas pipes show severe rust. However, you should have them checked and not just paint them with any paint.

Keep gas lines in perfect condition

Gas lines should be checked regularly to ensure that they are in perfect condition. Leaks must not occur under any circumstances. It is therefore important to act in the event of damage or severe rust and, if necessary, to have a leak test carried out. So if you want to repaint the lines, for example because of rust, you should first have their perfect condition checked, preferably by a specialist.

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What to do if there are any abnormalities

There are some signs that indicate potential hazards from a gas pipe, such as the following:

  • heavy rust attack
  • Damage
  • bent lines

What you should consider if the line is to be deleted

There is usually no need to repaint gas lines unless there is severe rust. In this case, you should consult a specialist who can, if necessary, carry out a leak test to ensure the integrity of the line. Inquire about whether painting is necessary or advisable. If so, this should be done with a yellow color, since gas pipes in buildings must always be marked with this color.

Metal pipes or plastic pipes

Plastic pipes are now also approved for the installation of gas lines. If possible, you should not work on such pipes in any way and certainly not paint them. Usually this is not necessary either. Metal gas pipes can be affected by rust. In any case, it is important to ensure that they are intact and only paint with an approved color.

What not to do

You should leave all fittings or connectors alone. Work on such equipment should only be carried out by specialists in order to ensure the continued safety of the gas installation. Do not, under any circumstances, paint any valves, screw connections or other technical equipment. The metal pipes can usually be painted with acrylic paints, but only with the prescribed color yellow. You should not use other colors in order to avoid confusing the gas pipes with other lines and their markings.