The origin of the coffee filter

We use it every day: the coffee filter. But where does he come from?? Who invented it?? Find out below who we owe the coffee filter to and how people drank their coffee before the invention.

The discovery of coffee

It was so long ago that the first people drank coffee that there are only legends about who discovered the aromatic drink. One of these legends says that in the 9th. In the 17th century, a shepherd observed how his sheep ate from a plant with cherry-like fruits and were then much more mobile than usual and did not sleep. He made a brew from the fruits of the coffee plant and experienced the awakening effect first hand. The coffee was discovered.

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First coffee machines

It was not until the beginning of the 19th. The first coffee machines came into being in the 19th century. They were more like espresso makers: According to the percolator principle, they were separated into two jugs, the lower one of which was filled with water. Then came the coffee powder, the pot was placed on the stove and the water was chased through the coffee powder with pressure and dripped out of the top as a finished espresso. The pots were separated by a filter plate that separated most of the coffee powder from the coffee. Filter coffee machines were developed later and probably first filtered with cotton. However, no perfect uniform solution had yet been found to prevent coffee powder residues from getting into the coffee.

The optimal solution: the coffee filter

The German Melitta Bentz solved this problem in 1907. The coffee lover from Dresden was tired of cutting linen or blotting paper and placing them on the coffee strainer. Instead, she developed a pre-made paper bag and holder for it. In 1908, Melitta had her invention patented.

The Melitta brand

Melitta's husband was the owner of a household goods store. In 1909 the couple founded a commission business to produce and sell the filter bags. The business was very successful and twenty years later moved to an empty factory building in Minden, where the large Melitta filter works were built. Nowadays, Melitta not only produces coffee filters, but also modern coffee machines and high-quality fully automatic coffee machines in the lower and medium price range for home and office needs (from just under 300 to 2000 euros).

Tips & Tricks Initially, the coffee filter holders were made of metal. It was only later that the ceramic and porcelain filter holder was invented. Find out here how you can use it to brew coffee without electricity.