Clean the cold foam mattress

Small accidents can cause stubborn stains on mattresses and are hard to put in the washing machine. Fortunately, there are still helpful methods for cleaning a cold foam mattress.

Instructions for cleaning a cold foam mattress

  • Soda or special cleaner
  • hot water
  • sponge
  • vacuum cleaner
  • Wet vacuum cleaner (for very heavy soiling)
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1. Remove bed linen and mattress protectors

First, take off the bed linen. Then check that your mattress has a mattress protector. If this is the case (you can tell by the zipper on the shorter end of the mattress), open it and remove it. You can easily wash the mattress protector in the washing machine at the specified maximum temperature.

2. Vacuuming

Now comes the dry cleaning: vacuum your mattress thoroughly from both sides with a conventional vacuum cleaner.

3. Stain removal

Now it's time to do the fine work. If there are urine stains, blood stains or other stains on the cold foam mattress, soak it first with a little hot water. Do not put too much water on the mattress so as not to completely soak it.

After a few minutes, put baking soda or a stain devil suitable for the type of stain on the stain and rub the agent in with a sponge.

4th. Wait and remove funds

Let the agent work for a while (follow the instructions for use), but make sure that the stain does not dry out. If necessary, put a little water on it every now and then. Then dab the stain from the outside in with a dry cloth. Repeat the process if necessary.

If you use baking soda, let the powder dry and then vacuum it off. Repeat the process if necessary.

5. Large area cleaning

If the mattress is soiled over a large area or has numerous stains, a wet vacuum cleaner can help. You can borrow this for little money in the nearest drugstore. Use it to clean the mattress as if it were a carpet. Make sure that the mattress does not get too wet.

5. dry

Once the stains have been removed to your satisfaction, the mattress needs to dry. It is best to place them in the sun or next to the heater. The cold foam mattress must be completely dry before you can cover it again. Otherwise, mold may develop.

Tips & Tricks To kill even more mites, you can put your mattress outside for a few hours on a frosty day.