Do the core drilling for the extractor hood yourself

While pipes and lines have already been laid in the building, including wall penetrations, core drilling for the extractor is usually not necessary until later. Since a performance-based drill is missing in a normally equipped home workshop, a machine can be borrowed to do it yourself. There are dry and wet holes.

Adjust the diameter of the extractor hood

To connect a conventional extractor hood, which is not supposed to circulate air, but to direct it out of the kitchen, a core hole with a diameter that depends on the hood is required. The decisive value is the air flow rate.

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With exhaust hoods, the simple principle applies that the more and the faster air is removed, the faster the unwanted vapors and odors disappear. The values are defined in cubic meters per hour and are specified for each hood in the technical description.

The diameter of the core hole should be adapted to the maximum air flow rate of the hood. If the dimensions are too small, there are not only energy losses and performance losses. The operating noise increases with many devices.

Drills, brackets and auxiliary equipment

If you drill a core hole in concrete or masonry yourself, you work with a round drill collar or drill bit. The cylindrical attachment must be driven with a drill (€ 48.00 at Amazon *) with the following features:

  • Minimum engine power 1600 watts
  • Minimum speed of the drilling shaft / drilling cylinder 1000 revolutions per minute
  • From drilling diameters of eighty millimeters, support stand or wall bracket
  • Possibly mounting accessories for bracket such as drop-in anchors
  • For drilling rigs with water cooling, mud collecting device and / or wet vacuum cleaner
  • For dry drilling devices without water Vacuum suction connection

Notes on the drilling process

At core drilling, relatively much power develops. She is hard to master strongly by vigorous persons when the drilling cylinder is tilted, for example,. A secure and stable bracket is definitely recommended for each self-performed core bore.

If a insulation is located on the outer wall, it must be drilled from the inside. By putting on or holding a wooden board, cleaning and stone breaks can be reduced. Any damaged or pierced insulation or steam barrier must be sealed.

Tips & Tricks Pay attention to the rental fee, which will be charged to the "fine print " regarding wear. The final amount can significantly exceed the actual rental price on some providers.