The cost of renovating wooden stairs

The cost of renovating wooden stairs is made up of several work steps, which depend on the initial condition and the type of construction. The renovation of steps and stringers is mandatory and a railing or handrail can be added, which are only processed or clad.

Disguise or restoration

One of the basic jobs when renovating a wooden staircase is sanding down at least the steps. If the original wood is to be repaired, the stair sanding must be carried out more thoroughly than is the case with coating, cladding or doubling. The cost difference for the pure grinding work can be up to fifty percent.

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A big difference in the amount of work is the intention to modernize or restore the wooden staircase. When modernizing, additional materials are used, which cause costs. For this, the preparatory measures are less complex.

When restoring, the original condition of the wooden stairs is restored as best as possible. Very fine sanding work has to be carried out, which, depending on the staircase construction, can range up to artificial sanding of, for example, turned or carved banisters. In addition, old coverings, paints and varnishes can be removed, which in some cases can only be achieved by stripping.

Stair builders, joiners or joiners

The cheapest flat-rate offers for normal 13-15-step wooden stairs with a straight course start at staircase construction companies from 1000 euros, around 250 euros must be calculated extra for each quarter turn. Carpenters and joiners offer the same work from 2000 euros.

When refurbishing the wooden stairs, sanding them down accounts for around two fifths of the total costs. Any repairs, which can increase the amount of grinding work by up to half of the total costs, are very variable. This item does not apply if the wooden staircase is clad or coated.

Personal contribution lowers costs

Many companies in the wooden staircase construction offer cost-reducing working models. By taking on individual work steps yourself, the costs for renovating or restoring can be reduced by up to thirty percent.

Tips & Tricks Check the desired and required extent of the renovation of your wooden staircase. It is often sufficient to just renovate the staircase and varnish, oil or paint the remaining components.