The service life of a dishwasher varies

As with any other technical device, the service life of a dishwasher is made up of several factors. The purchase price, the setting, the load intensity, the regular maintenance and the location play important roles.

Regular maintenance extends life

In order to increase the service life of your dishwasher, you should familiarize yourself once with the manufacturer's operating instructions. If you are familiar with the basic functioning of the dishwasher, you can carry out thorough and comprehensive maintenance care.

Make sure that your dishwasher is set for the hardness of your tap water. Clean the coarse floor filter in the wash cabinet immediately or at regular intervals at least after every third wash if it is noticeably dirty. You should clean the spray arms at least every two months. Check all seals, sieves and filters at least once a year.

Modern dishwashers are designed for a lifespan of twelve up to 15 years. Top products from the highest price range should hold twenty years.