The magic limit: What changes after the first year of relationship

After a year of relationship, a lot has changed. Some for the positive, some for the negative ...

Have you ever wondered how others feel after 12 months of being a couple?? The following points will definitely be familiar to most of you:

1. Quirks that were once cute are extremely annoying

His once oh-so-sweet way of drinking the milk carton - casually standing in the open refrigerator door - is empty (yes, straight from the package!) drives you crazy after a while. Why can't he use a glass?? And no, milk beards and especially milk stains on clothes are NOT sexy!

2. Lovers become best friends

Sex every day? That was once. After a year of relationship, the love life is no longer in the foreground, but lovers also become best friends - who know each other so well that they can always finish each other's sentences and who have so many insiders that others think they are strange ...

3. Impressed? Not in a long time)

Sad, but true: after a year, hardly anyone dresses up for their partner all the time, wears sexy lingerie, perfumes themselves or tries to impress their partner in other ways - apart from on very special occasions, of course.

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4th. I have something there?

If you want to know whether there is any spinach residue between your teeth, you no longer go ashamed to the bathroom to the mirror. After a year of relationship, you just ask your partner.

5. foreplay? What's this?

What was relaxed and enjoyable a year ago (snogging around, slowly undressing, snogging on and then at some point passionately having sex) gives way to the turbo version of the whole thing. If at all - because often enough the foreplay between stress and everyday worries simply disappears completely.

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6th. open the door

While one is showering, the other "just goes to pee for a moment ". Yes, after a year the last inhibitions will fall ...

7th. Going out again ...

Going out? Oh no, I'd rather watch a movie on the couch! After a year of relationship you get lazy and prefer to spend the evenings in front of the TV than in the club. What are you supposed to do there??

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8th. Who has there please ...?

A few months ago it was more embarrassing than anything else, now suddenly a bit funny: When something escapes one of the two. Oops!

9. Full broadside

"Nah, you better not put that on, you look kind of fat in it!" Thank you sweetheart.

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