The wood-clad house facade conveys comfort

A facade cladding made of wood looks cozy and gives the house a warm look. Façade wood is easy to work with and, with the right care, has a long lifespan. The color design of the wooden facade is made according to individual wishes.

Protect wood cladding

You can use pre-treated wooden boards for the wooden facade. If the processed boards are untreated, they must be provided with wood protection after installation at the latest. You can paint the wood with a primer that is tailored to the special requirements of wood outdoors. The top coat should match the rest of the house's appearance. It also makes sense to harmonize it with the rest of the buildings in your living area.

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Materials wooden facade

  • Solid wood facade
  • Glass and wood in combination
  • Wood material panels

Check the facade

Before starting work on the facade cladding, the masonry of the external walls concerned must be checked. You should repair damage such as cracks or holes. A wooden facade may only be built on level and intact masonry. If the subsurface does not provide a solid hold for the battens and the layers to be built on, the stability of the entire construction is at risk.

Also check that all wall connections for windows and doors are intact. In the outer walls there are supports for the ceiling beams. They must also be in good condition. You should make repairs before the facade cladding and replace defective components.

Cladding on the wooden house

Wooden houses achieve a similarly good energy value as massive houses. You get by with less thick walls and free up more living space. The facade is built with profiles made of solid wood, between which the insulation material sits. Plates and a vapor-permeable film serve as a cover. There must be a clearance of around three centimeters from the exterior cladding so that air can circulate freely behind the facade cladding.

Tips & Tricks With so-called counter battens, you keep the facade cladding at the necessary distance. To do this, mount the battens vertically if you build the outer cladding horizontally. It is exactly the opposite with a vertically mounted facade cladding: Here the battens are horizontal.