The assembly of lacquered stretch ceilings: a quick guide

The installation of varnished stretch ceilings has one major advantage: it is done without dirt and noise, in contrast to the installation of plasterboard. If you start the race with detailed installation instructions and a good deal of skill, you will master the installation faster than with a normal one Plasterboard suspension. We provide brief instructions for initial information.

Order made-to-measure painted stretch ceilings, including tools

Before you start the actual assembly, of course, you have to go shopping first: A stretched painted ceiling must be made to measure so that it can be stretched in one quick pass. So give your exact ceiling dimensions to the manufacturer.

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Then you not only order the stretch ceiling film with a beautiful decor according to your taste, but also the matching sub-profiles. The profiles can either be screwed to the ceiling or to the wall, aesthetically designed strips can even remain visible.

You should also get the right assembly spatula, room corner brackets and a hot air blower, which is used to warm up the stretch ceiling film so that it has the necessary flexibility for even tensioning. Now we can start!

Instructions for the assembly of lacquered stretch ceilings

  • Lay cables and connections for any lighting
  • Wrap the retaining profiles all around the ceiling
  • Hang the brackets for the stretch ceiling film on the corners of the room
  • Attach the stretch ceiling film to the corners and let it hang loosely
  • Switch on the warm air blower until the room and foil are around 40 degrees warm
  • Press the stretch ceiling film into the retaining profiles with special spatulas
  • Carefully cut holes for lighting with the cutter knife (€ 5.99 at Amazon *)
  • Mount reinforcement rings and install lamps

Now the stretched lacquer ceiling is completely installed! A big advantage of this type of blanket is that it requires little maintenance and can still last for decades. However, there is one thing she cannot take: scratching objects and mechanical violence.

So always treat your stretched lacquer ceiling gently, clean it with a soft cloth and mild cleaner. To bring an older ceiling back to its shine, the use of a special polishing agent is recommended.

Tips & Tricks In order to be able to enjoy the durability of the new stretched lacquer ceiling, do not exert too much pressure when cleaning and do not try to loosen the lighting or the reinforcement rings surrounding it.