The disadvantages of bamboo parquet

Bamboo is basically a frugal and stable material that is suitable for decorative parquet. It is not always the best choice. Unlike many other trees, bamboo struggles with too much drought and heat.

Sensitive to dry and warm air

A great advantage of parquet made of bamboo is its great resistance to moisture and water, which enables it to be laid in wet rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen. In the heating season, however, the bamboo restricts room air conditioning.

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When the humidity drops below sixty percent, the bamboo tends to "work" hard and contracts or swells up a lot. This can lead to the formation of joints, warping and, in the worst case, cracks.

With a bamboo flooring, the use of a humidifier should always be planned. The permanent automatic maintenance of sufficient humidity should be guaranteed with a thermostat-controlled device.

The heating of the rooms to over twenty degrees Celsius also allows the bamboo parquet to work more intensively. Bamboo parquet is not recommended in rooms that are to be heated above this temperature. The tolerable temperature can be increased through professional humidification systems.

Natural coloring cannot be changed

Bamboo parquet has a color range from yellow-beige to dark brown. If you want to change the color later, you cannot do this with bamboo parquet without risking a very uneven color distribution.

The suction and absorption behavior of bamboo parquet is very uneven. Even with a detailed primer, the uniform dyeing of the surface is not guaranteed safely and in the worst case can lead to spotty discoloration.

For direct sunlight, the bamboo parquet can fade. What can be easily balanced with other woods by post-processing and coloring, must be corrected at the bamboo parquet with a deep salary.

Damage through carrier layer

The material bamboo itself is very hard, at the same time elastic and resistant. The carrier layer is usually made of needle dyvial or HDF and chipboard.

The softer the carrier layer, the more clearly, dents and bumps can form in the bamboo parquet, which will last permanently. This disadvantage can be eliminated by the use of a sufficiently hard carrier.

Tips & Tricks Bamboo parquet can be laid over underfloor heating despite its sensitivity to dry and warm heating air. You should consult with an experienced interior designer or interior decorator about an air humidification concept.