Repairing the seam on a synthetic leather sofa

If the seam on or on a synthetic leather sofa has opened or torn, the extent of the damage must first be checked carefully. Repair by sewing is only possible if the artificial leather is undamaged. It is important that the tension and tensile behavior are identical afterwards under load in order to avoid tears in the covering.

Sew by hand

If the cover of an artificial leather sofa is carefully and regularly cared for, it can happen that the seams open even though the artificial leather is still in perfect condition. If the damage only affects the seams themselves, they can be re-sewn in a similar way to textiles or real leather.

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Since the cover with upholstery can rarely be removed from the sofa substructure, a repair "on site" is unavoidable. Special semicircular sewing needles are available for sewing leather and thick fabrics. They can be used to perform sewing operations from above with sickle-shaped movements.

Sew a tube or bridge

The quality of the seam determines the possible sewing stitch. Ideally, the seam can be strengthened and closed again by "circling". This procedure is a bit like forming a "tube " around the existing seam. The prerequisite for this type of sewing is:

  • Undamaged synthetic leather on and under the seam
  • Sufficient space to set the stitches between the existing thread holes

An alternative is a new seam that connects the edges between two synthetic leather sides. Here, too, a few factors must be given:

  • The two edges to be sewn must be undamaged
  • The old seam should be removed as much as possible for reasons of space
  • Experience with stitch types in sewing or instruction research is required

Hire a professional if the covering is damaged

If the synthetic leather is frayed or torn, it can only be sewn by tightening the cover material. Depending on the thickness of the upholstery and the elasticity, permanent tension is created, which can lead to consequential damage when exposed to stress. Repairs should be left to a professional upholsterer or saddler.

Tips & Tricks If your synthetic leather sofa has already reached an acceptable age, you can repair broken seams temporarily for a few months. Glue the seams with a special upholstery adhesive that forms its own volume when it dries out.