The perfect height for the concealed mixer of the washbasin

Concealed fittings are mainly found in showers, but they are also becoming increasingly popular on washbasins because they look elegant and make it easier to clean the edge of the washbasin. When installing, the height above the washbasin is important.

Distances between the individual elements on the wash basin

In order to determine the correct height of the concealed mixer above the washbasin, you have to consider several factors, namely the height of the washbasin and the question of whether a mirror cabinet should be installed. Why? Quite simply: the height of the washbasin determines the height of the concealed fitting, and this in turn can influence the height of the mirror cabinet.

The washbasin should be at a height of 85 cm to 95 cm, adapted to the height of the residents (standard washbasins are installed at a height of 85 cm, handicapped-accessible washbasins at 80 cm).

The mirror cabinet, on the other hand, should hang 30 cm to 50 cm above the top edge of the sink so that you don't bump your head when you bend over the sink, but at the same time so high or. low that I can see a smaller woman in the mirror. The concealed fitting must fit into the remaining space.

The height of the concealed fitting

If you are planning a concealed fitting or. install it yourself, start from the height of the spout above the top of the sink. This should be 10 cm to 15 cm, not much more because otherwise the water falls too deep into the washbasin base and splashes, but no less, because otherwise they can no longer be a vessel, or. They push them to the basin or faucet..

How high the valve is then attached, but varies from model to model. A fitting with downwardly bent outflow tube is attached slightly above than a fitting with a straight faucet. Some models have a larger cover plate around the fitting than others. And some models sits the lever of the mixer tap over the faucet.

The height of the spout above the washbasin should be the same for all models, but if the mixer hangs high, the cover plate is large or the mixer tap lever is above the tap, the mirror cabinet often has to be hung relatively high.