The prices of roof pans are dependent on material

The cheapest roof pans are plastic products and metal sheet products. Roof pans made of clay and cement are more expensive and more durable. If the products are to have good insulation against noise and heat, the prices of metal products are similar to those of cement and clay roof tiles.

Cement, clay, plastic or metal

Inexpensive sheet metal or plastic roof tiles are particularly recommended for smaller roofs that are not too exposed to the weather and that also have low insulation values and soundproofing such as carports, garden sheds and shelters.

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If the roof tiles are used to cover a residential building or a heated summer house, cement and clay specimens have sufficient insulation values with regard to heat and sound. Insulated sheet metal or plastic roof tiles are in the range of cement and clay models with their price.

Durability and prices

When it comes to the factory, most manufacturers state that roof tiles made of concrete or cement have a service life of thirty years. That's about half the expected durability of clay roof tiles. This is reflected almost exactly in the prices, which are around twice as high for clay roof tiles than for cement or concrete products.

The lowest prices of all roof tiles have the roof tiles made of sheet metal, as long as they are uninsulated. The disadvantage is the high level of noise generated during precipitation and the high energy loss in the case of heated rooms under the roof. With insulation, usually made of rigid polyurethane foam, the metal products reach the price level of cement or concrete pans.

Provider and price range

  • offers clay roof tiles from one euro each.
  • offers non-insulated metal roof tiles from five euros each and insulated ones from thirty euros. One sheet forms twenty to 25 individual pans.
  • sells roof tiles made of plastic from three euros each, which have a lifespan of thirty years and are similar to those made of cement.
  • franking offers concrete roof tiles from five euros per square meter.
Tips & Tricks When selecting roof tiles, the expected service life and, if applicable, the manufacturer's guarantees should always be compared with the purchase price. Another decisive factor is the amount of work that increases in parallel for more expensive roof tiles.