The right care for stone pine

Swiss pine furniture is so popular not only because of its attractive grain and wood color. The wood of the Swiss stone pine gives off a characteristic scent into the room air over many years. The right care for this valuable wood is basically not difficult if a few basic instructions are followed.

Caring for stone pine pillows properly

Due to the increased prices for Swiss stone pine in recent years, not everyone can afford an entire room made from this high-quality material. The pleasant scent of the stone pine can also be enjoyed with a stone pine pillow, along with the health benefits that have been invoked by a large number of people.

In contrast to a cherry stone pillow, a stone pine pillow should never be placed in the oven or microwave! Since the essential oil on the stone pine chips inside such a pillow is supposed to have a certain antibacterial effect, a stone pine pillow does not necessarily have to be cleaned regularly. The stone pine shavings from the stone pine pillow should not necessarily be washed, but the pillow can be placed by the open window to ventilate. The resulting fluctuations in moisture in the wood can also bring about a certain freshening of the fragrance in older pillows.

If at some point you can hardly smell anything of the scent, the chips can also be sprinkled with a little organic stone pine oil. If the pillow case should be soiled, it can be washed without the filling with a neutral detergent and, after drying, filled with the stone pine chips or stone pine flakes.

Furniture made from Swiss stone pine: beautiful and easy to clean if left untreated

Swiss stone pine furniture is so popular, not least because of its attractive grain and the slightly reddish wood color. It would therefore make little sense to painstakingly paint their surfaces. In addition, an airtight layer of varnish would block the pleasant scent of pine. Furniture made from untreated stone pine also has the advantage that both allergy sufferers and small children can generally tolerate them without any problems.

As such, the untreated stone pine does not necessarily need regular maintenance. Dust can be easily wiped off with a soft microfibre cloth that has been slightly dampened with clear water.

If wood care oil is to be used, pure stone pine oil can be used. This also enables the characteristic scent to be refreshed. The oil is simply rubbed sparingly on the wooden surface with a soft cotton cloth. Dirt and dust should be wiped off beforehand. When cleaning and oiling, you should always move with the grain direction.

In this way, the wood of the Swiss stone pine can be carefully sanded

If unsightly stains and discolorations really need to be removed from a stone pine wood surface, they can be carefully sanded off. A piece of sandpaper with a grit of 120 can be used for this. Since stone pine is relatively soft, sanding work of this kind can be easily done by hand. After sanding, the stone pine can optionally be treated with a little pure stone pine oil.

Beware of heat and strong sunlight

Stone pine retains its beautiful color and its pleasant scent for a particularly long time if the climatic conditions in the respective room are as uniform as possible:

  • a room temperature that is as constant as possible
  • a relatively constant humidity between 50 and 60 percent
  • no extreme sunlight

Objects and pieces of furniture made of stone pine should never be pushed to a heater or in the sun to dry after being cared for with a damp cloth. If the wood dries too quickly, the wood could otherwise crack. In addition, the uneven incidence of light through a window can cause the wood to darken more quickly in certain areas than in other areas. This should be taken into account when setting up stone pine furniture.