Insulate the barn and what to watch out for

When converting a barn to a residential building, the current requirements for energy savings must be complied with. To do this, the barn must be effectively provided with insulation, but this can cause problems.

Insulating an old barn and what to watch out for

If a barn is to be converted into a living space and heated, a considerable amount of heat can be lost through the outer walls if there is no proper insulation. In many cases, however, thermal insulation is problematic as the old façade of the barn is often to be preserved or even has to be preserved for monument protection. The following problems can occur with insulation:

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  • Reduction of the living space through internal insulation materials
  • Condensation in the wall due to incorrect insulation
  • Heat loss through thermal bridges

What you should definitely consider when insulating such buildings

If an older and possibly still listed building can only be insulated via the inner wall, the living space is reduced. To counteract this effect, you should choose insulation materials that are as effective as possible and that have only a low thermal conductivity. The more efficient the insulation, the less space it takes up. The inside insulation keeps the inside of an outside wall cold. This effect often creates moisture on the insulation layer, which in the long term can cause moisture damage and mold growth. The solution consists of a vapor barrier film under the insulation layer, which severely restricts the penetration of water vapor. You should always use such fabrics where materials can be installed that can absorb a lot of moisture. To avoid unfavorable thermal bridges, you should use parts of the inner walls or ceilings with dams, same applies to areas of windows or doors.

What should be paid to insulation of the barn otherwise

When reconstruction of an old barn, there are still numerous installation work, such as those for pipes for heating, water or electricity. Unfortunately, it can not be completely avoided that the installations partly penetrate the insulation layers and can affect their function. Remedy can create the installation of the lines in the area of the interior cladding or relocating lines in the baseboards, which can be avoided heat losses in the area of the sockets or other installation equipment.