The dishwasher produces water stains

If there are water stains on freshly washed dishes and cutlery from the dishwasher, there are two common causes. The care and cleaning agents that cause stains can be removed through the dosage and a possible product change.

Dish soap, salt and calcification

In almost all cases, the rinse aid and salt are the cause of water stains. First of all, it must be ensured that both agents are filled in the correct amount. Overdosing must also be avoided, which can also be responsible for water stains.

If limescale stains do not go away in spite of controlled detergent and salt levels, the general limescale condition of the dishwasher may be the cause. The sheet metal surfaces inside the dishwasher, which in this case also have water stains, are a good indicator. The dishwasher must be descaled according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Sometimes the hardness of the tap water changes, making it necessary to reset the dishwasher. The regional water supplier answers the question about a possible change in hardness.