The washing machine door is broken - what should I do?

The many parts on a washing machine can break down over time, including as a result of an accident. A broken door is particularly annoying. Fortunately, it can be repaired or repaired. replace.

Broken washing machine door

A washing machine door can break in different ways, but broken does not immediately mean "irreparably destroyed". Sometimes there are relatively simple solutions to the apparently broken door.

There are these defects:

  • the door cannot be opened
  • the handle has broken off
  • the glass has a crack
  • the door has broken off

The door does not open

If the washing machine door does not open, it is not broken straight away. It is possible that the locking hook is jammed or that the machine has not pumped out. You can usually open the locking hook manually behind the flap to the fluff filter. If the machine does not empty, turn it off and on again and restart the short pump curtain. Then the problem is usually resolved.

Broken handle

A broken handle can also mean that you can no longer open the door. Therefore, open the locking hook manually as described above and then replace the door handle.

Crack in the glass

If the glass in the washing machine door is cracked, the damage is greater. The crack can cause water to leak out, but it shouldn't be. Therefore, change the glass as soon as possible. To do this, loosen the hinges and remove the cover that holds the glass from the edge of the door (the cover is usually attached with six screws). Then you can take out the glass and insert a new one.

The door has broken off

By a stupid coincidence it can happen that the washing machine door breaks off. That can also be repaired, at least if the hinges have not been ripped off the machine. To do this, unscrew the hinges and attach a new door in the same way.