The depth of steps results from the staircase

The depth of steps depends on the entire stair construction, which is within the tolerance range of the prescribed dimensions for the stair incline. The depth is defined as a step in the regulating standard DIN 18065 for stairs and is based on stairs that are required and not required by building law.

Standardized tolerance ranges

When calculating the slope of the stairs, the relative ratio of height to path is decisive. The calculated tread or the depth of the steps in the case of necessary stairs must be at least 26 and a maximum of 37 centimeters. If stairs are not necessary, the minimum depth can start at 21 centimeters.

In residential buildings and apartments, the tolerance range is 23 to 37 centimeters for necessary stairs and 21 to 37 centimeters for staircases that are not required by building regulations. In the case of stairs with undercut, only the uncovered step is relevant.