The washing machine door is stuck - how do I get the laundry?

You have washed, want the laundry out of the machine and the door is stuck? It looks bad at first, but it's not that bad. There is trick how you can open the door anyway.

The washing machine door is stuck

You think the washing machine door is stuck? First of all, let me say: It doesn't jam, because washing machine doors are built in such a way that they cannot jam. What can happen, however, is that the locking mechanism does not release the door and therefore the door does not open.

Why doesn't the door open?

If the washing machine door cannot be opened, it may be that the lock is defective or that the locking hook does not work.

Broken lock

The locking mechanism of a washing machine works as follows: As soon as the water has been drained, the door is released by an electrical impulse. Then the door should open. However, if the machine thinks it is not yet empty, or if the impulse to unlock the door is not passed on, it remains closed.

If you want to get to the bottom of the problem yourself, you should pump again first. Usually the door opens afterwards. Otherwise, check whether the electrical cables are still connected to the lock. To do this, you need to remove the front of the washing machine. You can also buy and install a new latch.

To open the door, you have to open the latch manually. How this works is described below.

The striker does not move

If the striker does not move, the reason is often that the door handle is broken (the striker itself can also be broken). But first you open the door. Many machines have an emergency opener behind the fluff filter. You pull the handle down, the door opens. On a top loading machine, you need to see if you can find a handle like this. Otherwise, call customer service and ask how you can open the machine manually.

If the handle does not respond, replace it. You can read here how it works. If the handle is OK and the problem is with the locking hook itself, you can also replace it.