Papering the ceiling cleanly - instructions

Wallpapering the ceiling is not that easy. Gluing the long strips to the ceiling means a lot of strenuous overhead work - and sometimes the beautiful, new wall covering doesn't really hold up. We explain how you can get the wallpaper on the ceiling neat and tidy.

Create good conditions for wallpapering work

When wallpapering ceilings, you benefit from a hard-working helper who holds the strips when they are attached to the ceiling and also presses them down. The wallpapering of walls, on the other hand, is easy to manage on your own. But first pre-treat the surface:

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  • Thoroughly remove old wallpaper, soak it well in detergent water beforehand
  • Remove crumbling plaster and other loose areas
  • Pre-treat water and nicotine stains so they don't penetrate
  • Fill the ceiling properly
  • Cover cracks with reinforcement fleece
  • Prime sandy, highly absorbent and porous surfaces accordingly

In 5 steps to a completely wallpapered ceiling

  • Wallpaper paste
  • water
  • Wallpaper rolls
  • bucket
  • Stir stick
  • 2 stable step ladders
  • Trestle table
  • Paste brush
  • Metal rail
  • Wallpaper knife
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • Folding rule
  • Chalk line
  • Rubber roller or wallpaper wiper
  • Seam roll
  • broom

1. Apply paste

Apply the wallpaper paste according to the instructions for use. Add the powder to the water while stirring, let the mass stand for a while and then beat it vigorously.

2. Cut lengths to the appropriate length and paste

Cut the strips of wallpaper appropriately (room length + 5-10 cm) and paste - depending on the type of wallpaper - either the back of the strips or a working section of the ceiling.

Put the pasted strips together by folding them in from both narrow sides, about 1/3 to ⅔. Let the material soak.

3. Align the first path exactly

Mark the course of the first roll of wallpaper at a continuous distance of 50 cm from the wall with a chalk line. In this way, you can paper exactly straight, even if there are bumps in the adjacent wall.

4th. Paper the ceiling

Unfold the first panel a third and place the outer edge on the line. The second person can hold up the wallpaper with the broom or while standing on the second ladder.

Press the neatly aligned wallpaper first with your hands, then with your wallpapering tool. Lightly mark the edge to the wall with the pencil and cut this side neatly with the scissors.

First glue on the first third of the wallpaper, then unfold the rest and first glue it in the middle with a rough stroke of a broom. You do the fine work from the ladder.

5. Glue the seams together

Unless the instructions for use for your wallpaper say otherwise, stick the strips butt. Use a seam roller to press the seams evenly.

Tips & Tricks Always wallpaper your ceiling from the strongest natural light source (window) into the room.