These 3 zodiac signs get along best with the Corona crisis

The corona crisis is a real test of hardship for each and every one of us. How well you get on with it also has something to do with the stars. We'll tell you which zodiac signs are particularly crisis-proof.

Ever heard of 'resilience '? The term describes the ability to survive difficult phases in life without letting the situation force you to your knees. Anyone who is resilient can cope with crises - including the current Corona crisis. This psychological resilience is for the most part learned. Our upbringing makes us crisis-proof or not.
But if one believes astrologers, the zodiac sign also has an influence on psychological resilience. According to the teaching of the stars, there are zodiac signs that can better or worse deal with crises such as the corona pandemic. You can find out what these are here!

1 bull

Taurus is one of the most patient signs of the zodiac. And this virtue is worth gold in the Corona crisis. Because as experts repeatedly emphasize: The Corona crisis is not a sprint, but a marathon.
So it is important to sit out the situation and not lose hope. Another strength that helps the zodiac sign Taurus in the Corona period: He keeps calm even in difficult times and makes prudent decisions. Unlike fish, they take everything directly to heart and therefore panic more quickly.
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2 Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a born optimist, and that benefits him in the Corona crisis. Because while pessimistic zodiac signs like Cancer freeze in fear, Sagittarius remains hopeful.
Another advantage of the zodiac sign: Sagittarius are truthful. They are always looking for information and educating themselves. A real strength in the Corona crisis, because they are less susceptible to conspiracy theories than other zodiac signs.
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