These apps will help you save money in the long term!

Many set out to save more money every year. But why wait until the New Year when you can implement good resolutions now? We'll tell you which apps will help you save money. So that you start the new year with a head start.

Some people are just fine with finances and others are not - at least that's what many believe. But that's not necessarily true, because you can learn how to deal with money. You don't have to pore over boring financial guides, you can even simply get help from your smartphone. We'll show you five apps that can help you save in the long term. You may even know some of them already, but have not yet used them.

1. Money manager

Money Manager is a classic budget book app: You enter your income and expenses, and the app calculates how much money you have available. You can also assign categories to your entries that you can determine yourself. So you can see exactly where your money is going.
The budget book is the first important step towards financial freedom. In order to learn how to deal with finances, you first have to know how much money you have and what you are spending it on.

If you know what you are spending how much money on, you can find out potential savings. You might be amazed at the amount of money lunch in the office costs you every day. That in turn could motivate you to bring food from home more often. The effort to type every issue into the app has already paid off.

Money Manager is available for both iOS and Android and the best part is that you get all of these features in the free version. If you like, you can make the information even more detailed. You can also state whether you made a payment from your account, credit card or cash. You can even enter different sources of income, which makes the app interesting for self-employed or freelancers.

You don't trust an app with your finances? That doesn't have to mean the end of your budget book! In the video we show you how you can keep such a household book.

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Video by Tanja Koch

2. Volders

Unfortunately, many companies still make it difficult for us to terminate contracts. This can be worthwhile, because companies rarely change the conditions of existing customers, while new customers are attracted with cheaper offers or better conditions. Sometimes providers make a better deal to keep customers even after a termination.
With all the contracts, however, you can quickly lose track of things, especially when it comes to notice periods. An app like Volders can therefore save you money!

Volders calls himself "Contract Assistant ". You create an account in the app and then you enter your current contracts. These are displayed in a list view - including days until the automatic renewal. In addition, the app reminds you of notice periods in good time. So that a contract can never be extended unintentionally again.
You can also either use one of the free templates to cancel your contracts yourself, or the app cancels it for you. Cancellations by email and fax are free via Volders, cancellations by letter cost a small fee. Volders is available for iOS and Android.

3. Check 24

Thematically related to Volders, but different is the Check 24 app. On the comparison portal you can check whether you are really the cheapest or. have caught the most suitable offer for you. Take your gas provider, for example: On Check 24, you specify where you live, how high your gas consumption is and how big your apartment is, and the portal shows you the cheapest contract provider. You can also filter the suggestions and, for example, only display green gas.
In the end, you not only save yourself the eternal search for the right provider on the Internet, but under certain circumstances also save a lot of money by switching providers.

4th. Ebay classifieds

Almost everyone knows Ebay classifieds by now, but not everyone uses the potential of the app. In the past you had to go to a flea market to get a bargain or to get rid of your old things. Nowadays you can do this conveniently using an app. From wedding dresses to shelves - as soon as you need something, it is worth taking a look at the app at least once. Maybe what you are looking for is there.

5. BlaBlaCar

Train tickets can often be very expensive. The cost of a trip by car, on the other hand, can be shared and in the end you can often reach your destination faster. BlaBlaCar does just that. The app connects people who drive to a certain location with other people who are looking for a ride there. Once registered, you can always search for suitable ridesharing opportunities in the app or offer rides yourself.
BlaBlaCar is available for iOS and Android.

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