THESE first names affect how successful your child will be

A name has to be able to do so much: it has to fit the child and his character, it should sound nice and, best of all, it should also be easy to write. But above all, it should open all (professional) doors for the child later. This is precisely why caution is advised with some first names!

Parents don't have it easy either. To the best of their ability, they give their child a name that they particularly like, for example Marvin. And a few years later they find that their offspring is being viewed critically by his teachers - just because his name is Marvin and not Alexander.
It is not fair, but unfortunately it is the reality. For her master’s thesis, the Oldenburg graduate teacher Julia Kube evaluated 500 questionnaires on which elementary school teachers had to give their assessment of children's names.
The frightening result: Classic names like Sophie or Maximilian are associated with positive traits like friendly, hard-working or efficient. Small Kevins and jacquelines, on the other hand, have a hard time. They are automatically put in the drawers "underperforming " and "behavioral problems ".

Categorizing is our nature

We humans tend to put others into categories and teachers cannot get rid of them either. For example, we associate a name with social status and intelligence, even if we have not even seen the person or even exchanged a word with them.
To put it in an exaggerated way, one can say that with a "wrong " name you can block your child's academic and professional career - or at least make the road to success more rocky than necessary. Parents should therefore pay attention to a few things when choosing a name.

First names you can't go wrong with

It is therefore important for parents to choose a name that is not fraught with negative clichés and prejudices. The survey conducted by Julia Kube showed that teachers consider girls named Marie, Charlotte, Hannah and Sophie to be high-performing children. With the boys it was the names Alexander, Lukas, Simon and Jakob.

What is the reason for that? A child's name always provides some information about the parents. Because when assigning children's names, certain patterns can be recognized. Academic parents attach great importance to the child having a solid, old name, such as Johann, Maria, Charlotte or Simon. One automatically concludes that intelligent and successful parents attach great importance to making their children successful and well-educated people too.

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First names that you should keep your hands off of

On the contrary, teachers and many other people associate names such as Mandy, Jaqueline, Angelina, Chantal, Justin, Maurice, Kevin or Marvin with underperforming children who come from socially disadvantaged backgrounds.
Because parents with a lower level of education are inspired by film, music and television when choosing a name. The most famous example of this is the name Kevin, from the movie 'Kevin Home Alone '. At the beginning of the 90s the name spread rapidly. But many of the Kevins were not high-flyers at school, caused unrest in the class and showed behavioral problems. "Kevin is not a name, but a diagnosis ", wrote a teacher at the time when Julia Kube was interviewed.
Trendy names that originate from our current times and often have famous role models are generally more at risk of being burdened by prejudices. Even if they don't have a negative connotation today, names like Kevin and Chantal show that this can change quickly.

And now?

If you are worried about what name to give your child, it is best to rely on a traditional name such as Sophie, Maria, Alexander or Maximilian. But you can also give your child short, modern names such as Jonas, Mia, Ben, Lea, Tom or Leon without hesitation. There is also a trend towards names from Scandinavian countries.
It is therefore always worth taking a look at the current lists of popular names. Because either you will find a name there that you really like or you realize that the child should never be called the same as everyone else.
And then there is the possibility of giving your child not just one, but also a middle name. So parents can - if they really want to - experiment a little with the name. In case of doubt, the child will decide for himself at some point for his nickname.

In the end, the only thing that counts is which name the parents like anyway. The best interests of the child should always be kept in mind.

If you are looking for inspiration for a beautiful baby name, you will find numerous classic and original names for boys and girls in our name finder.

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