DIY in the kitchen! Gift ideas for people who like to cook everything themselves

From home-made pasta to home-brewed beer - what is home-made is in. And we'll show you the coolest products that make doing it yourself child's play.

The awareness of what we eat and the production conditions continue to rise, and as a result, the desire to make as much as possible ourselves. If you too feel the need to change your diet to "homemade " or want to please someone who already lives by the principle (or at least tries to do so as far as possible) then this list is just right for you.
When it comes to eating, home-made things are often quite time-consuming. However, if you have the right kitchen gadgets for it, things are a lot easier. That is why we have selected five ingenious little helpers for you to give away or keep, which make doing it yourself a breeze!

Homemade yogurt pleasing?

If you don't feel like using hidden sugar or preservatives, you can easily make your own yogurt. This device convinces with fantastic ratings, a "Made in Germany " seal and comes with 14 glasses. So you have two weeks of homemade yogurt for breakfast with one load.

Here you can order the yoghurt fix with 14 portion glasses a 150 ml from Amazon.*

A practical vegetable cutter for lightning meals

If you thought the yogurt maker had good reviews, then you haven't seen this vegetable cutter yet. That must be the best in the world, otherwise you can hardly explain so many positive reviews for a vegetable cutter. In any case, it saves time and tears when chopping onions. This makes cooking yourself a lot more fun.

Here you can order the Finecut vegetable cutter from Amazon.*

Baking mix in a glass: Delicious gifts from the kitchen

If it is ready-mixed, then healthy: paleo or low-carb bread baking mix

A bread mix might not be the first thing that comes to mind when looking for gifts, but it's definitely worth a thought. This mixture is vegan, gluten and yeast free and almost carbohydrate free, which makes it suitable for diabetics. You don't have to let the bread rise, you have fresh, home-baked bread after just a few minutes of baking in the oven.

Here you can order the low-carb bread mix in a pack of 3 from Amazon.*

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The perfect gift for the beer lover in your life: a beer brewing set

Whether pilsner, wheat beer or dark beer: home-brewed beer tastes best. In the 5-liter keg it is also the perfect gift idea. The ingredients are manageable and in the practical set with instructions everyone becomes a master brewer.

Here you can order a beer brewing set to brew yourself from Amazon.*

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For the spaetzle lovers

Making spaetzle yourself sounds exhausting. After all, the dough itself has to be mixed, the spaetzle have to be shaped and only then can you actually start preparing it. On the other hand, homemade sparrows taste a lot better - and that's saying something. So why not give away a spaetzle shaker for perfectly shaped spaetzle?

Here you can buy the spaetzle shaker on Amazon.*