double wire mesh fence and ivy

The double wire mesh fence is ideal for planting. Of course, ivy is one of the most popular climbing plants among hobby gardeners. We have summarized for you below what you need to consider with ivy on the double wire mesh fence.

Ivy - the classic among climbing and climbing plants

The classic climbing and climbing plant with enormous popularity is the ivy (Hedea helix). The ivy is a native wood that is one of the evergreens. So the ivy is green all year round. It covers large areas of the ground very densely. If it has the opportunity to grow, ivy also grows upwards. Ivy can be found almost anywhere where the plant can climb up:

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  • Walls
  • Facades
  • fences
  • on trees and bushes
  • on other elements such as bars, etc.

Ivy peculiarities

The ivy forms small adherent roots with which it hooks well. Ivy is difficult for the first two years. Dry periods that are too long and winters that are too cold can affect him here. This is mainly due to the fact that the ivy is not yet deeply rooted. For example, when the first sunny days come at the end of winter, the leaves need water. But the ground is still frozen and the roots don't go deep enough. The ivy will then dry out very quickly.

Whoever waits for the little ivy to climb quickly, will quickly be taught better. It is then much faster with a climbing aid. In this respect, the ivy is very well suited for the double wire mesh fence. The older the ivy gets, the more resilient it becomes. But then the time of the "guided tendril" is over and the ivy literally begins to explode.

The double wire mesh fence is a good choice for ivy

In any case, the double wire mesh fence is more suitable than other fences such as the chain link fence. The weight of a completely overgrown ivy should not be underestimated. The chain link fence has the disadvantage that the meshes have to be tightened regularly anyway.

If this is forgotten or if there is no time for it while the ivy occupies the fence, one day a sad sagging chain link fence can be found. The double wire mesh fence is definitely better suited for ivy due to its much more stable construction.

The real beauty only shows itself after years

If you let your ivy grow over many years, one year you will even see it bloom in autumn. It then spreads a pleasant scent of honey. You should only select ivy plants from the nursery or nursery. With DIY plants, all efforts can be in vain, because not infrequently not very robust plants are offered. If you want to grow an ivy cuttling yourself, you have to cultivate it in bed for two years before you can go to the double bar fence.

Tips & Tricks The double wire mesh fence is not only ideal for planting ivy. Follow our link and learn how you can still plant this fence.