Dark wooden ceiling white delete

Dark wooden ceilings have come out of fashion. Also formerly bright wooden ceilings dark over the years is always. To spice on them, some effort is necessary. We tell you how it works.

What do you need about it?

Tool material
spatula Covering material
Orbital or orbital sander (€ 24.90 at Amazon *) Painter's tape
safety goggles Sandpaper various. Grit
Dust mask Wooden spatula
Paint roller Joint sealant
brush Undercoat, varnish
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How do you proceed?

1. preparation

First cover furniture, floors, etc. to protect them from splashes. Have protective goggles and a dust mask ready.

2. Grinding work

Sand the wood with 100 grit, if possible with an eccentric sander, along the course of the panel with the grain. It is not important to completely sand down an existing clearcoat, but only to roughen the surface. You can remove the adhering dust with a damp cloth.

3. Repair work

Open joints or cracks appear dark through the incidence of light, which looks ugly in bright colors. File this with an elastic joint sealant on acrylic base. Smaller damage can be filled with wooden kitty or a repair spatula. Danger! After curing, grinding again.

4. Pretension

To say it in advance: several thin lacquer layers are better than a thickness. The result becomes more uniform and the risk of running noses lower. First, a pracking is applied, which prevents the through attachment, such as nicotine or any fats. Swipe in the cloister, first the joints, then the panels. Always paint a panel ready to avoid approaches.

5. Intermediate step

After drying the preamble, an intermediate grinding must be made. Use 180 grit sandpaper and use it to smooth the surface only slightly. Remove the dust again with a damp cloth and let it dry.

6th. Final coat

Depending on the desired shade, several layers may be necessary. If this is the case, a slight intermediate step must also be repeated. This will make the ceiling look smoother and more even later.

Tips & Tricks If you want to paint your dark wooden ceiling white, we recommend that you do it in winter when the humidity in the room is very low. Blankets painted in summer can contract a little in winter due to the dry air. The groove protrudes slightly from the tongue and dark fine stripes can become visible.