With this simple trick you can strengthen your self-confidence every morning!

Your mood in the morning is far from good and you also find that you should be much more confident? Then we've found something for you.

Get up early and then be in a good mood? Phew, doesn't sound like me. Let's be honest: Actually, you don't want anything else in the morning than to turn around comfortably. Instead, we heave ourselves out of the comfortable sheets and shuffle towards our morning routine. Many of us are already in a bad mood in the morning or even count among the dreaded morning grouches.
It is also a fact: With such a grim start to the day, you not only wake yourself up, but also those around you. Our mornings could be so much better. How? Well, by changing just a little bit about our morning behavior.

Boost self-confidence: Make yourself big!

The American psychology professor Amy Cuddy of the Harvard Business School became famous through an Internet lecture. In it, she explains how our consciousness affects our body. Conversely, does this also mean that our body can influence our consciousness? This is exactly what Cuddy's studies have shown: "Your body language influences who you are!"And you should use that for yourself.

One of their tips is: Before even getting up, before even your little toe touches the floor, you should first stretch and stretch yourself extensively. So make yourself really big! Really stretch out lengthways in bed.

This directly strengthens self-confidence and makes you feel confident and optimistic throughout the day. Even morning grouches can benefit from it because it directly lifts their mood.
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Our body language affects how we feel

Basically, it is known that emotions affect body language. When you feel very proud and self-confident, you stand a bit more upright and assume posture. In addition, other people perceive us very differently.

And in Cuddy's studies it came out that the opposite also works. Namely, that our body language can also have a significant effect on our consciousness and our emotions. "Even those who only pretend to be strong and self-confident will also feel more self-confident," says the psychologist. She is sure that changing your posture can change your whole life. Cuddy's advice: "Don't fake it until you've done it. Fake it until you become just that."

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Power pose strengthens your presence

For example, if you take two minutes before an upcoming job interview to throw yourself into a power pose (also called a "power pose " or "wonder-woman pose "), this stimulates the release of hormone production. In this case it is the dominant hormone testosterone. This is responsible for making you feel self-confident, optimistic and also self-confident and for exuding this special presence that has a positive effect on other people. The cross-check, i.e. if you make yourself small, also showed a change in the hormone level.