Seal the shower with strips

Usually a shower is sealed with silicone joints. However, there are alternatives to permanent sealing if you do not want to use silicone for certain reasons. One possibility is to use suitable sealing strips.

No silicone joints desired? Sealing strips as an alternative

Every shower tray needs a watertight seal so that no splash water can penetrate into the spaces between the tray and the floor and the wall. Hidden damage caused by mold or other impairments would very quickly arise there. As a rule, silicone joints are used for permanent sealing, as they enable permanent flexible sealing and are very easy to apply. But if you don't want to use silicone sealants, there is still the option of using sealing strips instead.

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Sealing strips and their main properties

Sealing strips specially made for this purpose are a real alternative to conventional silicone joints to create a clean and tight seal between the tub and the walls or the floor. You will receive special joint profiles in various designs that you can attach relatively easily. Systems with a tongue and groove connection and special frame systems, which you can use to seal the edge of the bathtub against the wall, are also suitable for a particularly tight connection. Sealing strips are available in different designs and colors, so that they can be optimally selected for the respective environment.

When are such sealing systems popular?

Sealing strips are particularly popular when the classic silicone joints have too many disadvantages that are undesirable and especially when permanent seals are to be used. Here are some possible reasons:

  • Regular renewal of the silicone joints is not desired or possible.
  • The disadvantages of silicone joints such as material fatigue should be avoided.
  • You do not want to draw silicone joints and use a simple installation option.

What you should consider when using such sealing systems

Be sure to select the correct sealing strips that are best suited for your application. Among other things, it is the substrates on which the sealing strips can be used. They are not suitable for all types of subsurface and should therefore not be used. This also applies if the tub can lower several millimeters when using several millimeters. Special sealing systems should be used here.