Showers in the bathtub under the sloping pitch, the?

A bath under the roof pillar is not a simple undertaking, especially not if the bathtub should also be used for showering. Individual solutions are required here, often also custom-made products. These solutions are available:

Showering and bathing, a compromise solution

If you cannot install a separate shower, you have to make compromises, even if that leads to a loss of comfort. A certain headroom is required for showering, which is around 2.30 m. The same height applies if the bathtub is used as a shower so that you can wash your hair while showering.

The slope is ideal for installing a bathtub under the sloping ceiling, but here comes the problem with the height. The other problem is the bathtub. Conventional tubs are curved on the inside. If you want to shower in the bathtub, a bathtub with an integrated shower zone must be purchased. Here the walls are more vertical and it has its own level shower zone to stand on.

3 tips on how to shower in the bathtub under the sloping roof

The hand shower

The easiest way to shower in the bathtub is to use a handheld shower head. Here you have to hold the shower in your hand and soaping is only possible with one hand. Not exactly comfortable, but you can at least shower off with the hand shower.

Take a seated shower

It doesn't necessarily have to be the simple shower stool that is placed in the bathtub, it can also be a specially tiled area behind the bathtub where you can still sit comfortably. Here too, showering is usually only possible with the hand shower.

Bathtub standing on the front

If the structural conditions allow it, you should place your bathtub with the narrow side under the sloping roof. This gives you at least the option of accommodating a shower head on the foot side. There is more of a favorable standing height here. If necessary, a partition from the room can enable showering.

Tips & Tricks If you want to shower in the bathtub under the sloping roof, you have to make compromises. Maybe you should think about installing a shower right away.