Acrylic or steel shower tray: the differences

Opinions differ when it comes to the material for a shower tray or shower tray. It is often said that steel is cold and much more uncomfortable than acrylic. But what are the differences between the two materials??

Advantages and disadvantages as well as differences between the two materials

It is hardly possible to give a clear recommendation for one or the other material. In the end it is your personal choice. However, there are a few points to help you make the right choice of material. Here are a few questions to consider below:

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  • Steel is much colder than acrylic?
  • Is better insulation necessary for steel shower trays??
  • Is a steel tub easier to clean?
  • Which variant is more durable and stable?

To the individual questions and possible answers

In fact, it is true that acrylic adapts better to the temperature in the bathroom and therefore looks really more pleasant. In addition, the material ensures a better insulating effect and thus a longer pleasant water temperature. However, the steel warms up much faster due to the flowing water, as it has a better thermal conductivity. Insulation for a steel shower tray is not necessary as the heat is dissipated upwards anyway.

The cleaning and care of the shower tray

Both materials have a very easy-to-clean and pore-free surface. However, keep in mind that with acrylic bathtubs, you should be a little more careful about the detergents you use. Never use highly abrasive or acidic cleaning agents. Although the steel shower tray is less sensitive, you should avoid the use of aggressive cleaning agents, at least in the long term.

Which variant is more robust?

The material for the shower tray or. a shower tray is designed for a relatively long service life. Usually, the materials will survive the life of a bathroom interior without any problems. An early replacement can only be necessary due to incorrect maintenance or improper handling. Especially with acrylic, streaks can appear on the surface. In some cases, however, these can be removed with an appropriate polishing paste (€ 22.49 at Amazon *). Even scratches can be repaired by using sandpaper and polish for the repair, of course only according to the instructions.