Corner window shutters - inside or outside?

When it comes to choosing the right roller shutter, it gets a bit tricky with most frameless corner windows. After all, nobody spends a lot of money around the corner of the window completely without support, only to then build in an annoying support for the roller shutter. We show here what possibilities there are for this problem.

Simplest solution - corner stand

Corner windows, which are constructed from the start with a piece of wall or a pillar in the corner, are hardly a problem when installing a roller shutter. Here the guide rail that holds the roller shutter on the side can be easily installed without disturbing the look.

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Frameless windows

There is the variant that the roller shutter box is screwed to the ceiling above, but the roller shutter itself still has no contact with its neighbor hanging over the corner at the corner. Wind could penetrate here and push the two shutters apart and even tear them off.

External roller shutter box

If the roller shutter is built on the outside, in an attached box, this can solve the problem of the roller blinds not reaching into the corner in width compared to the box built on the inside. But the lowered roller shutter would still not have a corner guide. In addition, this solution does not look particularly appealing to an elegant frameless corner window.

Inside solution

The most elegant variant of frameless corner windows is a simple roller blind that is hung inside in front of the window. These models are now available with a very effective aluminum coating that blocks out heat perfectly.

External blinds are also ideal for windows of this type, which you can install inside instead. They keep the warmth in the house perfectly and block excessive heat even more effectively than the best roller blind. You do not have to worry about lateral guides, because the blinds are not exposed to any weather conditions.

Tips & Tricks Install a corner window with a corner brace right away. This makes the whole building much cheaper and more stable. Sources of error due to cracks and instabilities can thus be easily avoided. You hardly notice the few centimeters of view that are covered by the support later.