Descale stainless steel

Parts and components come in many forms and functions in the household. Also in areas where the stainless steel comes into contact with water and can calcify. We have therefore put together tips and information on descaling stainless steel below.

Stainless steel can be found in the entire household

For a long time, stainless steel was valued for its excellent properties and then used according to its functionality. But more and more components in households are made of stainless steel because - similar to concrete - people now appreciate steel for its appearance. Today there are countless examples where stainless steel is used in houses and apartments:

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  • Faucets, showers, etc.
  • Sink
  • Countertops
  • Facing kitchens

The stainless steel used comes into more or less intensive contact with water. Especially in regions with very hard water, the stainless steel quickly shows limescale stains.

Remove limescale stains with purchased products or home remedies

You can remove limescale stains on stainless steel with purchased products and home remedies, just as there are home remedies for basic cleaning of stainless steel. Acids with a low concentration are particularly suitable. Under no circumstances should these be too concentrated, otherwise the stainless steel will be attacked.

It is better not to do this when decalcifying stainless steel

You should therefore not use acidic agents for descaling and cleaning stainless steel, the concentration of which you cannot clearly determine. In addition, products containing chloride and salt should not be used. You can use vinegar or vinegar essence for descaling. Let the vinegar work for several hours, preferably overnight.

Descale the stainless steel taps without dismantling

Components made of stainless steel, which can be quickly dismantled, are immersed in vinegar water overnight. You do not have to remove stainless steel taps. Use a condom with such components. Fill the condom with vinegar water, place it over the tap and tie it tight. So leave it on overnight.

Descale work surfaces and panels made of stainless steel

If you want to descale work surfaces or front panels made of stainless steel, use a soft cloth with which you apply the vinegar essence or the vinegar water. It may be useful to keep the area to be cleaned moist by constantly applying new vinegar water. The limescale can then be removed very quickly by the next day at the latest.

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